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Experience the power of the only real-time web-based retail platform in the industry.

Actionable Data to Maximize ROI
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Make decisions regarding space, inventory, operations, and promotions backed by strong evidence
Integrated AI/ML
Choose data-driven retailing decisions that are no longer backed only by intuition. Many RetailGIS clients have experienced and continue to experience multi-year double-digit comp growth.
Real-Time Visibility
SmartPMX© is the only technology with active real-time updates that gives you the existing state of your store at any time.
SaaS Implementation
SmartPMX© is a fully hosted cloud service providing retail operations and space optimization services via a private secure cloud.
Stores Mapped
~120 Million
Racks Captured
~160 Million
Photos Captured
~300 Million
Data Points Captured
Integrate Our Smart Solutions with your ERP
SmartPMX© Solutions
Experience smart retailing with real-world store-specific data
Hear it from our clients
I consider RetailGIS to be at the forefront of using technology to drive sales/ROI amongall 3PL. They are thought leaders in that area. It is a good place to land.
Juan Rodriguez
Proven Performance across the United States
The biggest retailers and brands have seen measurable impact to their business after implementing SmartPMX©
Building cutting-edge retail operations and optimization technology to support the world’s leading retailers.

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