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Space Capture
Understanding your retail space is critical to increasing your ROI. SmartMap© is the only web-based space management software that captures your space at a granular level (fixture/ planogram level) and provides you with the basis for macro space planning and optimization.
Space Visualization
Our technology lets you visualize your entire floor plan with merchandising, racking, planning, and execution layer overlays to facilitate data-driven decisions and profitable allocation.
Store Communication
SmartPMX© helps keep up your store communications constantly up to date. Our technology keeps corporate store planning in sync with real-world store conditions by keeping corporate and store in constant contact and maintaining a consistent workflow.
User-Defined Reporting
Our technology lets you and your team define reports that are most pertinent to the team’s function. Our reporting tools are easy to use and allow your team to directly access the data (digital images, store attribution data, and execution data).
AutoCAD©, Salesforce© and Blue Yonder© (JDA) Integration
SmartPMX© provides direct integration to your AutoCAD©, Blue Yonder© (JDA), and Salesforce© Consumer Goods Cloud data. This bi-directional integration offers fast implementation, improved cost control, and better plan management across the enterprise.
Peripheral System Elimination
Typically, retail organizations utilize several internal systems to manage the business but mostly use spreadsheets for management. SmartPMX© will be your single source of truth – our platform will eliminate your current need for 10-12 internal systems.
Macro Store Optimization
Macro space optimization with specific recommendations is the Holy Grail! Our technology provides the basis to manage margin and GMROI across the macro store while simultaneously improving the supply chain to deliver improved and consistent chain profitability.
Cross-Product Integration
SmartPMX©’s three products – SmartMap©, SmartProject©, and SmartAIX©, integrate to provide you with the insights that are critical to your business. This integration allows your merchandising, space planning, and analytic teams a 360-degree view of the store, staff, and category productivity.
Store Attribute Management
Our store attribute tools allow in-depth customization to understand and manage the store attributes that impact your comps.
Fixture & POP Management
Our technology maps specific store attributes such as dimensions, orientation, store type, and fixture type to increase procurement and store allocation efficiency.
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