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SmartMap© is the only web-based space management software that offers shelf-level real-time visibility and manages space capture and optimization. Starting with basic space capture SmartMap© technology allows you to map and record data related to every aisle, fixture, and signage. With integration capabilities with SmartProject©, SmartMap© offers integrated store communication tools, macro space optimization, and in-depth performance data.

Understand consumer demand, and take control of your retail operations
Demand doesn’t exist in a vacuum — it’s where your business decisions meet the external factors you have no say in. Close the gap and take control of your retail operations.
Space Capture
SmartMap© is the only software that can show you real-time shelf-level visibility. Our software captures more than 250,000 digital images weekly to record data related to space, fixtures, planograms, aisle, POP, and signage.
Heat Maps
Precisely understand consumer behavior with heat maps generated by SmartMap©. Understand what part of your store resonates with your consumers, what changes are needed, and how to optimize staff placement to improve ROI.
Endcap Optimization
Studies suggest that your endcap display has a direct impact on the bottom line, and SmartMap© lets you identify, manage and optimize endcap utilities.
Space Visualization & Optimization
SmartMap© captures plans and visualizes the best layout for your store for optimal sales performance and customer satisfaction. For a new store or a reset, do not go by intuition or tried and tested mechanisms - let our superior technology drive results.
Advanced Reporting & Querying
Get detailed reports and query any information across the chain using SmartMap©. With 17 different ways of capturing data, we ensure that our reports are customizable based on who wants the report – is it a store-level request, or an enterprise-level request?
Integrated Performance Data
SmartMap© doesn’t just provide the most accurate store-level data; it also ensures that you have the means to utilize the data to drive ROI. Our actionable data facilitates near real-time correction irrespective of the scale of your store or project.
Optimized BOPIS and Pickup & Put-Away
Provide a seamless buy online pick up in-store experience for your customers by optimizing space and staff using SmartMap©. SmartMap© also helps you create an efficient process for warehouse pickup & put-away that optimizes space, and labor.
SmartProject© and SmartAIX© Integration
Make changes based on the most actionable insights and implement the changes with significant ease with easy integration across the other modules of SmartPMX©.
Experience the Complete Power of Integrated Retail
Demand doesn’t exist in a vacuum — it’s where your business decisions meet the external factors you have no say in. Close the gap and take control of your retail operations.
Full cycle integrated support for efficient execution of your retail initiatives
Artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities geared to maximize your ROI
SmartPMX© provides the basis for smart retailing with real-world store-specific data.
Get the best store mapping technology in the industry
Our product consultants will take you through the platform.
Building cutting-edge retail operations and optimization technology to support the world’s leading retailers.

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