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Build with over ten years of insights working with the biggest retailers, RetailsGIS’s SmartPMX© platform provides real-time, actionable data to help you maximize productivity.
Single Source of Truth
SmartPMX© integrates seamlessly across all its modules and always synchronizes your data to provide your team views from the same data pool. So, whether you access the platform at store-level or corporate-level, you get the same shelf-level information at all points in time. This consistency ensures that you can build highly efficient workflows, performance tracking, and optimization.
Real-Time Visibility
SmartPMX© is the only technology with active real-time updates that gives you the existing state of your store at any time. With insights derived over the last ten years from the biggest retailers and brands and collecting over 250,000 digital images weekly, SmartPMX© gives you shelf-level visibility on your mobile or tablet. The platform can also facilitate near real-time correction and recovery regardless of the scale of the project.
Actionable Data
Managing KPIs that are important to your business, along with AI-driven predictive warning utilities, SmartPMX© keeps your team in the know constantly. SmartPMX© is designed to give you actionable data that convert into better margin control, improved category management, increased sales, and maximized space productivity.
Integrated AI/ML
SmartPMX© provides the basis for smarter, data-driven retailing activities that are no longer backed only by intuition. Many RetailGIS clients have experienced and continue to experience multi-year double-digit comp growth after implementing SmartPMX©.
Unmatched Visibility
SmartPMX© verifies shelf conditions coupled with customized store-level work order reporting for projects of any scale – this data and capacity are not available anywhere in the industry.
Shelf Accountability
Having your products on the shelf at the right time and right place is critical to your retail success. SmartPMX© is geared to manage all facets of retail execution, from planning to execution to follow-on analytics coupled with industry-leading space capture and optimization tools to assure you maintain shelf discipline of your allocated shelf space.
Leading Edge Technology
SmartPMX© technology is built with integration APIs both within the SmartSystem framework and the client's external enterprise applications. This integration provides automated real-time updates of store layouts, retail projects, audit programs, and OSA optimization.
SaaS Implementation
SmartPMX© is a fully hosted cloud service providing retail operations and space optimization services via a private secure cloud. This provides a platform for fast implementation with limited retailer or supplier IT participation. The speed and flexibility of implementation allow our clients to take advantage of SmartPMX© benefits to drive productivity and profitability.
Secure Implementation
SmartPMX© utilizes role-based security and gives you full control over the privacy of the data that you collect. We are keen on data privacy and the corresponding regulations and ensure SmartPMX© prioritizes security with utmost importance.
Assured Support
We have built the platform with a lot of emphasis on ease of use. If you have any questions or clarifications regarding the implementation, our support team is here to help you via a call, chat, or email. Get in touch with us!
Experience the Complete Power of Integrated Retail
Industry leader in dynamic space visualization and optimization
Full cycle integrated support for efficient execution of your retail initiatives
Artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities geared to maximize your ROI
SmartPMX© provides the basis for smart retailing with real-world store-specific data.
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