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SmartAIX© integrates space, sales, and inventory to provide you the most actionable insight that you need. With built-in AI and machine learning algorithms, you can make data-driven decisions to improve space, inventory, promotions, and operations.

SmartAIX© will continuously optimize your stores and deliver measurably improved ROI.

Utilizer the power for AI and ML to improve your ROI
Enterprise-Grade Analytics Suite
SmartAIX© assures you of full control and privacy of your data. With increased concerns for data privacy and regulation in mind, SmartAIX© lets you know where your data is stored and define who has access to it.
Easy Data Visualization
SmartAIX© captures data in 17 different ways and provides different ways of visualizing your store data. With the user-friendliness of SmartAIX©, your team can envision complex and intuitive data with a series of simple clicks.
Proprietary Proven Algorithms
SmartAIX© uses proprietary algorithms that have are with insights gathered over a decade in the retail industry. Our platform has an increased store sales, increased revenue, and improved merchandisable space for several of our clients.
Simple Interface
SmartAIX© comes with a simple and easy-to-use mobile or web-based interface which allows your team to learn, implement, evaluate, and make changes quickly.
User-Defined Reporting & Analysis
Based on the role and position of the user SmartAIX© lets you customize views, reporting, and analysis. The platform ensures that everyone from the store manager to the CMO can derive valuable reports.
Integrated AI/ ML
Ensure faster decision-making and efficient business decision led by data integration with SmartAIX©’s integrated artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities.
Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Integration
SmartAIX© assures you of a fast response with its GCP integration, including integrated Google Geo tools.
SmartMap© and SmartAIX© Integration
Make all aspects of your business smart by utilizing the full suite of SmartPMX©.
Experience the Complete Power of Integrated Retail
Industry leader in dynamic space visualization and optimization
Full cycle integrated support for efficient execution of your retail initiatives
SmartPMX© provides the basis for smart retailing with real-world store-specific data.
Want to know how SmartPMX© could help your business?
Our product consultants will show you how well our product integrates for your business.
Building cutting-edge retail operations and optimization technology to support the world’s leading retailers.

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