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SmartProject© is the only technology that gives you real-time visibility of all your projects from start to end. While capturing over 250,000 digital images weekly and integrated into a mobile execution platform, SmartProject© assures you of full-cycle integrated support.

This module efficiently executes functions across budgeting, operations, planning, project management, and execution.

Manage the lifecycle of all your retail projects
Demand doesn’t exist in a vacuum — it’s where your business decisions meet the external factors you have no say in. Close the gap and take control of your retail operations.
Digital Visibility
Using SmartProject©, you can capture digital images for all stages of retail execution. The photographs are integrated into work orders for easy access and follow up. In short, if your vendor says that a job is done, you can verify the status instantly from anywhere.
Customized Dashboards
SmartProject©’s customized dashboards provide a simple interface to your data. This reduces the user learning curve, and your team hits the ground running.
Role-based Security
The entire application utilizes role-based security, thereby ensuring different levels of access within the store and corporate. Your data stays secure, and views are customizable based on who is looking at the data.
Real-Time Reporting
All data on SmartProject© is regularly synchronized. Your team, irrespective of where they sit, always looks at the same real-time reports.
Drilldown Interface
The SmartProject© interface is user-friendly and provides access to all your execution data within two clicks.
Mobile/ Web Interface
All applications of SmartProject© are accessible via a mobile or web interface, providing easy store and corporate level access.
Automated Communication
SmartProject© can automate alerts and communication when a problem or issue crops up. A suite of quality assurance tools allows for immediately alerting the concerned person if a snag comes up.
SmartMap© and SmartAIX© Integration
Understand the space and layout in your store, and make changes based on the most actionable insights with easy integration across the other modules of SmartPMX©.
Experience the Complete Power of Integrated Retail
Industry leader in dynamic space visualization and optimization
Artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities geared to maximize your ROI
Store Visits Per Week
SmartPMX© provides the basis for smart retailing with real-world store-specific data.
Understand how SmartProject© can impact your ROI.
Our product consultants will take you through the platform.
Building cutting-edge retail operations and optimization technology to support the world’s leading retailers.

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