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RetailGIS® helps people in the retail business run operations more efficiently, seamlessly, and profitably. Driven by our threefold values of innovation, strong leadership, and best investor relationships, we lead the way in innovative new technology and solutions. We developed our advanced SmartPMX© platform to provide an integrated store mapping, planning, project management, and analytical platform. This web-based platform is built to optimize the performance of every inch of your retail environment, including every shelf, every aisle, and every store.
Coupled with our hands-on approach to establishing a solid relationship with our clients, SmartPMX© will position your organization for success. Trusted by leading retailers, consumer packaged goods manufacturers, and strategic partners worldwide, we also provide our investors superior financial stability. Currently backed by Lake Capital, a $1.7 billion private equity firm based in Chicago, our team is always seeking new opportunities to grow.
As soon as you are ready for a more efficient and profitable way to run your retail business, we’re prepared to help!
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Building cutting-edge retail operations and optimization technology to support the world’s leading retailers.

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