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The SmartPMX© platform is currently the only web-based retail mapping technology that integrates efficiently and effectively onto your corporate ERP system. Build over ten years, with insights from working with the biggest retailers, SmartPMX© provides real-time, actionable data to help you maximize productivity.

Did you know that U.S. consumer goods companies spend $200 billion on in-store merchandising every year, of which 52% of plans are not executed as planned? That is over $100 million in spending, which is not optimized. This is where the SmartPMX© platform comes in – you no longer have to rely on intuition, point-of-sale, or aggregated data. Our platform provides the basis for smart retailing with our real-world store-specific data.

SmartMap© is the industry leader in dynamic real-time space visualization and optimization. This web-based tool captures all stages of data starting from space capture and continuing to space optimization.
Smart Project© is a retail execution platform that manages the entire lifecycle of all retail projects. This tool supports and optimizes the execution of operational projects such as planning, procurement, capacity management, fixtures & signages, billing, and payroll.
SmartAIX© integrates data related to space, sales, and inventory to help you define optimization strategies. Utilize the power of AI and machine learning to improve your ROI.
SmartPMX© Integration
SmartPMX© integrates well into your existing enterprise ERP system to support the seamless transition of data towards better space and floor planning at a granular level. SmartPMX© integrates with Blue Yonder (JDA©), Salesforce© Consumer Goods Cloud, and CAD© to continuously optimize your store operations.
Web Front End for
Blue Yonder (JDA©)

Blue Yonder’s (JDA©) supply chain ERP system offers robust support until the warehouse. Our product integrates with Blue Yonder to provide you with a web front-end for space and floor planning.

SmartMap©, SmartProject©, and SmartAIX© are compatible with Blue Yonder – together, we offer you the only system that seamlessly fits your requirement.

Integrate with Salesforce©
Consumer Goods Cloud

Salesforce© Consumer Good Cloud offers a platform to connect with customers, consumers, and employees. Our SmartPMX© platform integrates with your Salesforce© Consumer Goods platform to provide an omnichannel sales experience along with a deeper level of engagement with the data you accumulate. Utilize the power of our predictive analytics after Salesforce© integration.

Compatible with CAD©

SmartPMX© platform directly integrates with CAD©, saving you a lot of time, labor, and money on an annual basis. With this integration, we promise that your work will become faster, more efficient, and driven by real insights.

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